Consulting Engineers using ICT to provide complete solutions to your requirements

Your communications, safety or computer control requirement can be satisfied by our knowledge and expertise in many distinct areas of technology. Several unique and innovative solutions have already become off the shelf products. Our blend of carefully selected products, engineering skills and computer programming capabilities produce solutions such as mobile inspection software, transport and site safety solutions combined with remote and elegant complete business telecommunication solutions.

Our engineers have experience in electronics and electronic engineering as well as computer engineering, network design and programming on a high and low (component) level. Consultation in these areas of expertise is provided by Web-Care Consulting.

We believe that a thorough investigation / needs analysis leads to a proper requirement specification from which  a solution gets designed. The customer’s Business Requirements as well as technical environment are taken into account in the design of a solution and the selection and type of equipment. After all, the solution should be cost effective as well as support the customer’s business drivers (not only solve a technical problem).



During implementation we adhere to the customers’ environmental and commercial regulations. When required, our solution may consist of developing an original custom designed system. This may include different forms of engineering – from electronics to programming to precisely cut and engineered metal enclosure. Webcare delivers these services internally as well as through associated and contracted engineers and partners where required.

Examples of solutions implemented are: xxxxxxx in the mining industry, yyy in the food industry zzz in the commercial industry. Our communications business has grown such that WebOffice Communications was born recently to focus primarily on that side of the business.