Phase oriented involvement

Design Phase

Customers want to concentrate on their core business.  Therefore customers rely on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Suppliers to provide them with honest, appropriate and cost-effective designs, proposals and implementations.  unfortunately this is not always the way it turns out.

Independent Consultants and Engineers with appropriate knowledge in the discipline are therefore required to investigate, design and inspect implementations to ensure customers get what they really need at a fair price and within reasonable timeframes

This is where Webcare can apply its resources and knowledge to ensure that the large suppliers actually deliver what is required, not less, but also importantly not more that what is really necessary.

Many cases are known where the designs are richly overspecified by manufacturers of equipment, who then provide these designs to their channels to sell what is not even required in the next ten years of growth.

WebCare can investigate needs, architect structures and propose designs from multiple vendors in order to prevent over-or under-spending for specific requirements.

Project Phase

During the project, WebCare can either provide specific assistance to customer project managers or even procure and provide external project management resources, certified to the level which the customer’s compliance structures require.

Take-on or commissioning  phase

The longevity of the use of the procured solution as well as the successful integration of the project capabilities into the operations of the customer depends very much on the management of change and take-on of the capabilities by the employees and structures of the customer.  The training and change management process is very often overlooked and may be one of the biggest causes of project failures in the ICT world.  Resistance to change is the main factor for failed projects and cause of many failed companies after growing too fast into a new world.

External advocacy and management of the take-on is often required to make the “new system” glide into acceptance without major upheaval and loss of employee productivity.  Gradual take-up has proven to be a very important factor and the trust gained by coaching specifically chosen employees into acceptance ( sometimes the most difficult part in any project) can be executed successfully with WebCare’s assistance.

Sustaining phase

“Management of maintenance” is a phrase quite often overlooked by our customers.  Not only is it necessary to maintain equipment, it is also absolutely vital to maintain the environment in which these systems function.  Complete maintenance management, from the implementation of alarms in software systems, to the management of critical failure scenarios in conjunction with suppliers is available from WebCare.