Consulting Services available from WebCare

WebCare can be involved in your requirement in many different ways, each customer requires different access to our resources.  We can provide general or specific consulting resources for:

Assistance available from WebCare

It is possible to contract WebCare on an ad-hoc or on a project basis.  Fixed price project delivery will result in very well defined deliverables which are specified before any contract is entered into to create a win-win situation in all cases.

WebCare can assist you before, during and after any ICT project.

Before you embark on any project, WebCare can assist with the requirement definition, specification finalisation, tender publishing, evaluation and contract assignment.

During the project, you would require our expertise to manage different disciplines such as networking and hardware suppliers, software developers, installers and Service Providers.

After the project, the customer normally needs to know that he did get what he is paying for – and it is sometimes difficult to quantify – especially if the project drags on for some time. Let WebCare help you in this regard.

Task oriented involvement

Specific tasks with pre-defined outcomes that we can assist with: