Smart phone and tablet type devices are becoming the communication and data access tool of choice all over the world and the mining industry is no different. It is becoming a tool in the hands of mining and industry supervisors and management. The two basic requirements are that they:

How are we able to assist

The supply and support of these devices and interfacing is one of the key capabilities and experience fields of WebCare. We have several decades of experience in this field and can define and understand the customer’s requirement and find an applicable solution for the specific needs.

Apart from the imported product such as the AAEON ruggedised tablets as well as embedded systems, WebCare has the capability to adapt and manufacture specific units to suit most embedded applications.

Integration / Communication and data provisioning / dissemination is required in most of the cases. Only a small subset of products has the intelligence and complete stand-alone functionality built in and these cases are declining rapidly. Experience indicates that mobility with communication is of paramount importance in most situations and that it is becoming non-negotiable.


The data gathered by these devices can be used in ERP or monitor / management programs in order to interpret the values and apply the gathered knowledge. Webcare develops such interfaces between data gathering devices and ERP / monitoring / Management programs where required.

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