Serious business users require seriously cost-effective business communications!

Businesses with more than a few people cannot portray a professional image if they operate from mobile phones.  The requirement for transferring calls, groups communications, effective call recording and proper reporting, as well as the professional image of a company are some of the factors which cannot be satisfied with mobile (cellular ) communication tools.

Serious business needs to have a proper and professional front-end to the business.  This is the business communication called the PABX.

However, people want to be mobile and still be professional.  Therefore we provide the combination of the two.  Proper voice quality, proper land-line quality – both distributed across your offices and mobile.

The IPPBX is now the best way to communicate – and it integrates properly with cell phone mobility.

The distributed office has come of age – and it is available at completely affordable and flexible rates to everybody.

In the corporate / enterprise world, companies attempt to cut costs by cramming more people into smaller office spaces.  Space is at a premium.  Half of those people can work from home or simpler offices closer to their homes – and the main thing is they can still operate if they are all together – the calls that come to them can still be transferred from the reception and they can have conference calls (for next to nothing ) with each other – and it is normally much more effective than a meeting anyway!

Your company (however small) can have a professional feel if you allow us to implement an office telephone system for you.  Your receptionist can sit at home if necessary and still transfer calls to your phone – wherever you are – just imagine the possibilities.  The requirements are very simple and we would not mind to answer any questions – no matter how easy or how complex – let us try to make your company fly.

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