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Vodia Networks – Creator and Supplier of professional Office Communication Systems in the form of Cloud hosted PBX and On-site PBX software. This software is used to by System Integrators and Customers to create state-of-the-art PBX implementations.

WebCare provides hardware, installations, configuration, hosting and local support for these PBX products in South Africa. WebCare makes the complete solution available to the public and also to ISPs and hosting companies to enable the best possible voice quality with all the bells and whistles, interconnected to all Telecommunication Operators in South Africa.

Vodia Networks focuses on moving the functionally known as private branch exchange from hardware-based equipment on customer premises to a software-based service running in networks that its users can access. Vodia Networks develops code on an on-going basis that implements the functionality but also offers services that make it easy for reseller and customers to use the PBX functionality in their environment around the world.

The history of Vodia goes back into the year 2005 in the form of leading-edge pbxnsip. In 2010, snom integrated the pbxnsip system into their product portfolio and sold it as snom ONE. In 2012, Vodia started to specifically address the needs of a software-based communication system and continues to market the product under the Vodia brand. This lead to the world-wide implementation of the “hosted-I-am” concept which is hosted in South Africa by Webcare and is supplied as both hardware ans software only service under the Vodia PBX brand to users in South Africa such as customers of High-end VoIP Service Provider Telfree Communications. The, as well as Web-Office and CloudVoice services are all based on this world-class software PBX.

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