Inspect-Report-Control (IRC) : Equipment, Vehicle or Site Inspection System


The cost of workplace accidents or incidents in any industry can sometimes not be calculated in Rand or other currency as it affects human life.  These accidents always reduce production, increase costs, but even worse often result in temporary or permanent disabilities, loss of morale or loss of life.   Accidents must be taken seriously and are a major concern to all levels of management.

Constant vigilance is one of the key ways that management needs to institute to prevent accidents.  But to err is human, therefore systems are required to implement the vigilance and keep humans aware of the situation on the ground – especially where it is possible to prevent incidents by simple timely reaction to measureable and visible malfunctions waiting to happen.

Functional Description

WebCare has developed a fully adaptable and customizable Inspection Environment to replace paper-based inspections based on checklists. Paper-based methods are often plagued by paperwork that get lost or mixed up, human error during capture, the ability to complete an inspection form a location remote from the item “inspected” and consequent use of dangerous equipment or situation which should not pass the inspection test, such as in the case of a vehicle with failing brakes or damaged safety infrastructure such as barriers.

The system (environment) can be used for daily (or other periodic) inspections of vehicles, portable electrical tools, welding machines, lifting equipment, safety harnesses, hazardous material stores, etc. The list is endless and every inspection that can be done on this system will reduce the need for paper-based actions, printing costs and loss of data which sadly is something that occurs often.

WebCare offers a paperless pre-use inspection which can be described as a Real-time computerised and detailed machine status information gathering system. The “Inspect-Report-Control” (IRC) system from WebCare uses tablets or ruggedized tablets, smartphones or even laptops as the input system with easily adaptable questionnaires as input.  Questions defined by the customer system admin person in an Excel Spreadsheet can be added or changed by management on the fly. GPS tracking allows for physical location tracking during testing while date, time and location stamping accompanies all information gathered. Inspection results are at management’s fingertips at all times while the Information is available in a format to upload into ERP systems at any time.

The Control in the product name indicates that it is possible to interface with the equipment or vehicles in such a way that the unit is rendered inoperable (under strict status control) until a clean bill of health for dangers (A-defects) has been issued by the IRC system.  This implements the IRC methodology to save lives which is appreciated by many industry experts and Government Departments.

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