Complete telephony and messaging system with minimum capital layout and no setup cost, no long-term contracts and immediate deployment.

Customer requirements for a cost-effective, convenient communications system led WebCare to use its knowledge and expertise to create a standard off-the shelf product using best of breed components.

WebOffice is a full-featured Office Telephony system:

WebOffice uses direct connectivity to provide our clients with unbeatable voice quality to Telkom and the major Cell Phone providers in order to not only secure substantial cost savings in both line rental and call charges but also quick and secure call connectivity.

WebOffice offers our customers an office in the cloud where employees can be located anywhere (at the office, at home, at a customer site and even in another country). Calls can be made from any of these locations to colleagues at no cost and to outside parties at a reduced cost.

Features and Benefits

WebOffice supports all the conventional features of a PABX, such as Call Forwarding, Hold, Conference, VoiceMail and lots more. What makes our offering unique is the inclusion of detailed per extension call reporting and voice recordings at no extra cost.  On top of that, we will port your existing land line number to a WebOffice implementation to ensure no changes to your contact details.

Management of the PABX is done centrally which is a great advantage for small to medium businesses without IT personnel and adding or removing an extension is as easy as making a call.

The most attractive advantage is that the customer is not bound to a contract which makes this an excellent option for setting up a short term office (such as during a trade show, sporting game or conference) as well as to test the suitability of this offering.

Key Features and Differentiators for WebOffice – PBX

Financial implications

Operational Features & Benefits

What do I need to connect to WebOffice?

Good voice quality requires sufficient and dedicated bandwidth for the duration of the call (about 64kbps per concurrent call). In South Africa ADSL, 3G or Wireless internet connectivity are preferred as long as it is not oversubscribed.  Please use our consulting service to advise you on the appropriate connections.  No cost survey and situation report if it is for our systems.

The Local Area Network at the customer’s site needs to be of a high quality and not oversubscribed by data traffic. No extra network data points are required, since the IP Phones can coexist with the computers on the network.  Assisting you with the checking of your LAN will be gladly done by our consultants.

IP Phones with two network ports, SIP features and transfer capabilities are required. If the customer already has such phones, we will gladly test them on the WebOffice system for connectivity and interoperability. We can supply suitable phones as well.  Most standard SIP phones will work – eg Yealink, snom, Escene, Polycom, Grandstream etc.

What are the costs to connect to WebOffice?

The complete service is included in a price of R85 incl VAT per user(extension), with all the features and benefits as above.  Call costs are some of the lowest in South Africa and will be quoted  on request. It is simply too low to publish here.  International calls can be enabled and prices vary but are extremely low.

How do I connect?

Please call us today at 01 0100 0101 or please fill in our form.

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