Webcare is Innovation

Customers who are achievers always innovate and think out of the box to enhance their business.  These customers are our driving force and use WebCare capability to bring their imagined solutions into reality.  This is why one of our customers coined the phrase – “my imagination is your only limitation“.

Over the years we have built up knowledge and expertise in many distinct areas of technology and created several unique and innovative solutions which have become off the shelf products.  From multi-channel high speed analog data digitization for metal fatigue analysis to mobile inspection software and business telecommunication solutions, we have done it.

The WebCare Group comprises a team of professionals who provide consulting and implementation of innovative Engineering Solutions using the latest computing and communications technologies, encompassing embedded computing and vehicle systems, networking, enterprise communication solutions and data centre infrastructure design and implementation.

Customers benefit further from our carefully selected range of products, which can be supplied in building block or turn-key solution formats.

Customers engage with Web-Care in the following ways to achieve their objectives:

Engineering Consulting

The innovation, specification, requirement definition, evaluation, planning, procurement, project management, commissioning, knowledge transfer and final maintenance of customer-specific systems in electronic, computer and networking engineering fields.

Equipment and building block supply

WebCare imports and supplies carefully selected “building block” product lines which are normally used in our fields of expertise. These include a wide variety of embedded computing platforms, vehicle sensors and controllers, vehicle safety subsystems, White-label networking platforms, professional telecommunications software and much more.

Turnkey Solutions

Our Customers’ Business Management ideally want to focus on their core business.  Implementing technology to drive business profitability beyond the “average”, requires substantial knowledge of the technology and is normally not within the ambit of the core business of the customer’s company.  The implementation of solutions such as vehicle safety and operational inspections, electronic proof of delivery solutions, embedded measurement and control solutions, route planning, corporate wide cost-effective data and voice communications are the core business areas of the WebCare group which can assist other companies to achieve their own goals efficiently and effectively.

Over several decades, WebCare key staff has been involved in projects ranging from mission critical embedded system design, Telecommunications network design and implementation through to ruggedized vehicle computer systems.  We have experience in content delivery networking and data centre design, from physical infrastructure such as cable management systems through detailed secure TCP/IP network designs.

To stay competitive, local industry has to embrace the newest trend of embedding computer-based intelligence into everyday appliances and link that to the interactive web – it is our business to assist with this integration between remote and local intelligence in every way.  Whether it is using  a public touch screen to regulate your fish tank temperature at home or to monitor a forest for fires – this is all in a day’s work at WebCare.

The “Internet of Things” – and lately the “Internet of Everything” is very much alive within WebCare and we strive to get this into Africa – where there is so much opportunity and so little time to catch up…